The definition of healing is to alleviate a person's distress or anger. --Oxford Dictionary

Contrary to popular belief, “Time doesn’t heal all wounds.” It takes time, intention, work and practical steps to overcome the pain of your past. Healing enables you to trust yourself, make better decisions and even be held accountable. Being healed doesn’t make you perfect. Healing empowers you.

Healing from life's trauma is an immensely powerful process that signifies the indomitable strength of the human spirit. It is a testament to our capacity for resilience and growth, demonstrating our ability to transform the darkest moments into sources of strength and wisdom. As we navigate the mentally taxing journey of recovery, we not only mend the wounds that adversity inflicts but also discover a newfound sense of self-awareness, compassion, and inner peace. The power of healing lies in the liberation from the memories of the past, reclaiming control over their narrative and rewriting it with resilience, courage, and hope. We become living examples of the human capacity to transcend adversity and inspire others to do the same, creating a path towards a brighter, more empowered future.

What you can expect...


One on one coaching is designed to help you heal one step at a time. Healing is a journey. Each day, your mind, body and soul are impacted by the events that take place. You may not be able to control the events, but with my help, you can change how you see them and gain control over how you respond to them. You will get access to tools and resources to gain clarity, assurance, and guidance.


There is power in sisterhood!  Working with me is not only an opportunity to have guidance, but also an addition to your community. Together, we will witness your transformation as you embark upon the power to overcome, recover and excel beyond your pain.


Overcoming is not about ignoring what has taken place, but about gaining freedom. Your past experiences are real. Your feelings, memories and behavior are proof. Trauma has a way of placing shackles on your thoughts causing doubt and fear. Trauma also has a way of placing shackles on your behaviors, looping you into unhealthy practices that hinder your ability to enjoy love, trust others or even trust yourself. Being a prisoner to your own mind & emotions can rob you of having a better quality of life. Coaching with me helps you experience the freedom, you not only become more productive, but you also embrace the power that you have, and USE it.